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Investor Program

Whether you're a sophisticated investor with a vast portfolio of holdings or you're making your first acquisition, engaging with a credit professional will improve your outcome

  • Rate & Relationships - First and foremost, by leveraging my relationships your loan will be at a lower rate than if you went it alone.   

  • Success rate - it dramatically improves your chances of getting an approval.

  • Speed - Having an advocate keeps everyone on point and your deal moving

    • Example -  A $500,000 loan at 4.5% results in a payment of $2,779 a month and over 25 years that will cost $833,700.  If you engage me at my  typical fee of 35 basis points  ($1,750) and I obtain a rate of 4.25% that results in a monthly payment of $2,708 or $812,400 over the life of the loan.  That is a savings of over $21,000 - money  that can be working for you elsewhere.

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