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Rowland Thomas

Back Office Support

To The Commercial Lending Industry

My Services

Commercial Underwriting

  • Commercial mortgages (all property types)

  • Term loans

  • Lines of credit

  • Captive finance programs for equipment dealers

  • Expert portfolio participation due diligence


Regardless of the loan type you'll receive a comprehensive credit memo outlining the loan parameters, borrower and industry background,  financial highlights and spreads, cash flow analysis with stressed scenarios (this is a hot action item for the FDIC in 2020)  and highlights of strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations and covenant suggestions.

Site Inspections

  • Inspections of entire real estate portfolios nationwide for:

    • Portfolio management 

    • prefunding due diligence of a portfolio acquisition or participation

    • Overseas investors making investment in the US

  • Condition reports can be performed on vehicles, yellow iron, or a boat or any other collateral,  I'll personally inspect your asset.

  • Business verification inspections

  • Merchant service inspections - FDIC wants this done annually!

  • Custom inspection to suit your need

  • Comprehensive inspections or the more cost effective drive-by inspections  beginning at just $99 per inspection.  Includes multiple photos, video if applicable, street scenes, vacancy observations and more.

  • Prove to the FDIC or OCC that your paying attention to your portfolio

Asset Recovery & Remarketing

  • Voluntary equipment recovery throughout the northeast including vehicles requiring CDL

  • An affiliated company has a nationwide auction presence to quickly convert your asset into cash



From organizational structure to credit policy  to vendor management my experience can guide you to commercial lending success.

About Me

Over 25 years of commercial lending experience having worked for various firms including independent leasing companies, community banks, credit unions, super regionals and some of the world's largest banks.  In these roles as either underwriter, credit manager or chief credit officer I've underwritten countless commercial mortgages, C&I, loans, loan portfolios and equipment leases to name a few.

I Guarantee







The Difference

There are a handful of firms out there that provide this service and do a reasonably good job at it.  The difference between them and me is Personalized Service:


  • I personally underwrite your loan

  • I personally make that inspection 

  • I personally prepare that condition report


Think of the cost salary, no medical benefits no 401 k or other overhead

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